[Hotel Review] Naumi Hotel Singapore – Flavorful Escape!

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world in regard to hotel choices. From a straight luxury hotel to the most minimal capsule hotel, name it, and you will find it. Moreover, Singapore also offers hotels that only caters very specific and discerning travellers that is responsible for the emergence of boutique hotels of various theme in the city. One of them is Naumi Hotel Singapore. Located within the Downtown Core area, Naumi Hotel is the top alternative for those seeking luxury and personal experience when staying in Singapore. As the name suggests, this hotel’s most distinctive facility for those discerning travellers is the ladies-only floor. And yeah, since I am not of them, I had only been enjoying the other facilities like most of the hotel guests.

One of the best aspects of Singapore as a city that I would like to talk about here is how pedestrians are very well connected with public transports. Be it MRT or Bus, from most part of the city, it should be accessible within 10 minutes of walking. Naumi is located just some steps away from a bus stop, and 10 minutes walk to the City Hall MRT Station. Naumi is also very well connected to shopping centres, food centres, museums, galleries, parks, and everything you could think of as destinations while in Singapore. The best part is that the hotel is tucked away from the main road so that it is peaceful at night.

While looking at the hotel exterior, I was quite sure that this hotel is intricately designed. Surprise me not, this hotel is quite a buzz when it was finished 10 years ago with its ‘green’ facade—creeper plants on the attached wiremesh secondary facade. This kind of innovation that eco.id, the Singaporean architecture firm, came with surely is one-of-a-kind during that time. I was more than excited then to see what lies behind that facade.

Checking in was easy and hassle-free. I was directly escorted to my very own room, the Habitat Room. On my way up, I could see that there were quite a number of provoking texts decorating the corridors. And unique enough, there were no room numbers directly visible around the door. It turned out that the numbers were ‘secretly’ set on the floor beside the door. So if you guys stay here, you should look down whenever you are searching for your room numbers if you haven’t remembered your own room’s exact position.

Shortly after I entered the room, two things came to my mind: luxury and compact. Bathroom is always one of the most important aspects while I looked for hotels to stay at. This room offers one of the most unique and opulent bathrooms I have ever seen in the most compact setting. I would not actually say this as a whole standard bathroom since each of the functions inside a bathroom is separated as single rooms. For example, we could see that the shower room is separated from the toilet while the vanity area is an integrated part of the hotel room itself, located along with the open wardrobe for storing clothes and luggage.

The main feature of the room that screamed opulence surely is the beautifully lit and translucent marble vanity. Especially equipped with an artsy side faucet along with golden colored mirror and glass partition frames, the room surely designed to feel luxurious. What’s more amazing is that the shower glass partition is electrically tinted (use the switch beside the shower room to see the magic!) to give more privacy when staying with friends. 

The bed area beyond the glamour-ish vanity and bath area was good. Since I was staying alone for only one night, the super-comfy king-sized bed was heaven for me. I woke up late the next day as it was too cozy for me to leave that bed. One thing that made me felt their personal touch for guests hotel was the bolster provided. It is quite uncommon for hotels to provide this kind of pillow and I really appreciated it much!

After exploring the room I realized that I hadn’t seen any pantry with all the coffee and tea making appliances as well as the cups and drinking glasses. It turned out to be within a hidden compartment just beside the shower cubicle. Not to forget mentioning, all the tea, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks are complimentary in this hotel. The best part is that it will be replenished daily.

At around sunset time, I went up to the swimming pool area. It is an amazing fact that this minuscule hotel could even provide a rooftop pool and bar area. What’s better is that when I went up there, there was no one. That means I could enjoy a beautiful sunset all by myself (sounds pretty selfish eh!). The rooftop area is designed to be a chic and trendy with all its neon lights. Words play were also seen on a couple of the rooftop area. I really love how they labeled “stairway to heaven” that could be seen right after I walked up the stairs leading me to this rooftop area. They surely provide some heavenly views of downtown Singapore, especially at around sunset and when the weather allows. Just scroll down and be amazed by yourself!

Late at night, I came back for one more time to witness the beautiful panoramic Singapore and took some pictures. I went further just for fun asking to turn off the swimming pool light to see if I could take a reflection photo, and surprisingly, my request was approved! It was, of course, in the condition that there was no one swimming at that time. But again, I really love how they responded to my silly request!

As you have known already, I woke up late the next day that I almost missed the breakfast! Luckily, they were still accepting guests to enjoy their very intimate spread of breakfast buffet. What I mean as intimate is that even though the buffet spread was very limited, the choices and the tastes were above the average breakfast spread we could find in the typical hotel. For breakfast, the restaurant provides freshly pressed fruit juice, salads, pastries, and the usual bacon, sausages, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, as well as hashbrowns. Everything tasted good and satisfied my growling morning tummy. As I finished my breakfast, I packed up my luggage and ready to check out to head home.

Naumi Hotel Singapore is surely one of a kind in Singapore. The perfect location and beautifully designed rooms are a few of what you could expect from this boutique hotel. Through my pretty prompt stay in Naumi, I could really enjoy the personal luxury they promised. Would love to come back here for more indulgence! You should try too! 


41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396

+65 6403 6000

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