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The fourth
and final room at Riddle Room that my team played during our March 2021 long
weekend was The Hotel.  

summary of The Hotel is as follows:


In an old abandoned Hotel lies a treasured
stone. Tasked with the job of retrieving it, you enter the Hotel, but soon find
that you might be an unwelcomed guest.


Players: 4 – 7

Recommended Players: 4 – 6

Difficulty: 3 / 5

Scare Factor: 2.5 / 5

The Hotel
was our 7th room in Canberra and our 174th room to
date.  Here’s what we thought:

this room
was brilliant and easily our favourite room in Canberra;

Hotel is
a scary room, both thematically and in terms of lighting.  There are also a couple of jump scares, but
they are all pretty tame.  For this
reason, I don’t think it would suit younger children (but it would obviously depend
on the kid);

there were
a lot of puzzles in Hotel and they came in all types.  The variety was brilliant and it included
both tech and more old school-type observation puzzles;

theming in Hotel is off the charts. 
Enthusiasts often talk about Cipher Room in Sydney as being the leading
escape room company when it comes to theming (and it is).  I think the quality of the theming in Hotel
is the closest we have seen to Cipher Room. 
We all absolutely felt like we had been transported to another place and
another time.  The props all made sense
in the space, the sounds and lighting were perfect, as were the wall and floor
treatments.  It took Riddle Room over 6
months to construct this room (and that was following at least 6 months of room
design) and it shows;

the room
design was also excellent.  All of the
spaces in the experience are well considered and well designed.  I would describe the room as non-linear, but
with definite points of convergence which bring all players back together;

the back
story to the room is fantastic and it continues throughout the experience.  The puzzles all link to that back story

there is so
much well-concealed tech in Hotel, but none of it seems out of place or forced
at all.  Again, as with their other
rooms, my absolute favourite puzzle in Hotel is a low tech puzzle (I can’t
think of a way to describe this subtly, other than to say that it was a pattern
recognition puzzle).  It was brilliant
and as clever as it was simple;

I think
there is a little more hunt and seek fun in Hotel than in some of the other
Riddle Room rooms.  In fact, the only
time that we were stuck was because we couldn’t see what was right in front of

as always,
the customer service side of things was flawless.  We had a dedicated game master watching our
every move – she was friendly and helpful. 
One of the owners Chris spent time with us after we escaped not only taking
us through the puzzles in Hotel, but he also showed us behind the scenes in
their game masters room, their workshop and their expansion space.  This was excellent (and it’s always fun
chatting with other enthusiasts); and

showed us the software that Riddle Room has designed to communicate with
players and to identify when they have solved each of the puzzles in their rooms.  This was really impressive.

Hotel is a fantastic room.  It is an escape room enthusiast’s room.  It ticks all of the boxes that enthusiasts
are looking for – off the charts theming and immersion, strong storyline and unique,
kick arse puzzles.  It’s not often these
days that my team walks away from a room completely blown away. 

I realised when we got back to
our hotel later that evening that we actually broke the monthly record for
Hotel, with a time of 37 minutes 5 seconds. 
But far more importantly, we loved every minute of our time in the Hotel. 

Hotel is so good, it alone is worth
the long drive down to Canberra.  It’s
that good.

      8 / 160 Lysaght Street, Mitchell ACT

Duration:                      60 minutes

     4 themes (with plenty of space for
more rooms)

Price:                           $40 per person

Thoughts:        The
best room in Canberra (and one of the best in the country)



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